Aromatherapy Massage with Becky

Using aromatherapy essential oils for your own personalised treatment, combined with either full or part body massage, including hands and arms.

Enjoy the relaxing sensations and aromas of Lavender, be uplifted by lemon, finding balance with geranium, warmed with ginger or using oils which might best suit your requirements

The oils and your body work together to provide the unique results just for you.

Full body including face and neck. 90 minutes for £60

Body massage                                    60 minutes for £45

Back, neck and Shoulders                   35 minutes for £30

The fuller effects of the treats are experience a series or one-off treatments providing relaxation and pampering.

A skin test will be needed prior to the massage unless using pre-blended oils

£60 for a 90 minute Full Body Massage

£45 for a Back Massage

Please book online or check out Beckys page in our meet the team for me information

Contact Becky on 07931762724


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