Edith’s yoga journey began in 2007. Yoga has helped her learn presence, patience, allowance, how to breathe, to listen to her body, self-love and much more. She discovered how much of a positive impact her practice had on life, both mentally and physically, as it helped her get through many difficult times. She realized she wanted to share her passion and practice with others and she eagerly continued her journey by completing a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training by the American Yoga Alliance in 2013.

Her classes offer creative sequences with intentional themes, emphasizing the importance of proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. Modification and advanced options are made available for new students and experienced yogis so that all can reach their potential. She is honoured to teach yoga, helping to bring balance, awareness, health, and happiness into other’s lives.

In her free time, you can find Edith exploring outside, spending quality time with her loved ones, and trying out plant based spots in town.

Edith classes are


Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 4.30pm – 5.30pm


Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 5pm – 6pm


Vinyasa Slow Flow Yoga – 3pm – 4pm

Contact Edith to book on 07444 638706


Facebook: Yoga with Edith Sikorska

Instagram: @yogawithedithsikorska

Email: edithsikorskayoga@gmail.com


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