Eyebrows and Eyelashes

We use a natural Henna powder for eyebrow dyeing free from harmful chemicals

Henna Eyebrows for beautiful, full eyebrows and lasts for up to 6 weeks. 

Eyebrow tidy £6.50 (price from May £8)15 minutes

Henna Eyebrow tint £9.76 (price from May £13) 20 minutes

Eyebrow tint £4.88 (price from May £6.50) 15 minutes

Henna eyebrows and eyebrow tidy £15 (price from May £18.75) 35 minutes

Eyelash tint £8.25 (price from May £11) 30 minutes

Eyelash and Brow tint provides permanent colour to lashes and brows and is guaranteed to define and enhance hairs for a beautiful, natural finish

Tranquillity Holistic Therapy Centre and Studio