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Jacqueline Beswick founder and owner of Jacksfeet,  and established her practice in 1992.

Arvigo Therapy, developed by Dr. Arvigo who also founded the Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation which supports the traditions of Maya healers in Belize, helping to preserve and promote knowledge of sustainable organic cultivation as a substitute for destruction and depletion of the rainforest.  Establishing the Arvigo Institute in 2000 which now trains healthcare professionals worldwide of which Jacqueline is one of her Certificated Advanced practitioner’s and a Self Care Level 1 Trainer.

Arvigo Therapy is founded on an ancient Maya technique of a non-invasive, external abdominal massage.  Arvigo Therapy stimulates circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area, supporting the body for optimal function of digestive and fertile health and wellness. It is a therapy that can be applied throughout every stage of a woman, man or childs life.

Jacqueline has trained closely with Rosita

Arvigo Therapy incorporates a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Only by treating the whole person on a physical, emotional and energetic level can true healing take place.

The unique aspect of Arvigo Therapy is that you learn how to massage your own abdomen, helping to sustain the good circulation and blood flow initiated by the treatment. Being taught how to massage your own abdomen is truly empowering.  By doing your Self Care massage regularly you carry the treatment on long after you have left your appointment. You feel more in control of your wellbeing and you are physically and emotionally connected to the treatment process.  With each follow up appointment you have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the Self Care massage. The therapist will ensure you are doing the techniques correctly, discussing any concerns you have.

For a deeper understanding of the treatment and an introduction to the traditional origins of Arvigo Therapy why not attend one of our courses The Hands on Health the Maya Way 1 day or The Self Care Level 1 weekend workshop 2½ days much more indepth than the 1 day includes guided meditation and lifestyle suggestions, but most importantly the workshops offer you the chance to reconnect to an often neglected area of the body, often offering insight into personal conditions and situations experienced.

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Join Jacqueline in October on her Arvigo Course at Tranquility!  Check out the courses and workshops page for more information

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