About Me

Jason has practiced Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation for more than 20 years and is an instructor Member of The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain He also is also has a keen interest in shamanism and alternative medicine and runs a monthly Sweat Lodge at Ransom Wood in Mansfield.

Workshop:  Saturday 30thMarch 2019

10am – 12am

£20 (plus booking fee)

Please contact Jason for further details on 07941 305587 or book online here:


Qi Gong and Meditation Workshop

These workshops are a great introduction to Qi Gong and the intention is that the workshops will enable everyone to develop their own Qi Gong/Meditation practice. Qi Gong has many health benefits and is a moving meditation where flowing movements are coordinated with the breath. Through the Qi Gong exercises the flow of chi is increased, releasing blockages and clearing stagnant chi from the system. Practicing Qi Gong can enhance well being and brings a greater sense of balance, harmony and equilibrium to body, mind and spirit. The workshop also includes a guided Meditation at the beginning and at the end


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