Sports yoga & Yoga for healthy backs with Maria at Tranquility

Sports Yoga Fridays 5.45pm to 6:45pm

To book please contact Maria on 07971 050818 

Sports Yoga

Yoga is for everyone, athletes included. Yoga works on strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance, core, and overall strength. Correct breathing pattern and alignments.  Any athlete could benefit hugely by adding yoga to her or his training regimen

It is especially valuable for preventing injuries in sports. Some specific reasons athletic trainers might want to consider using yoga in their injury-prevention programs include increased core stability, increased flexibility and range of motion, and increased relaxation

 The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes: The Body.

International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health 2015; 1(3): 30-32

£8 a class or 4 sessions for £24

Yoga for healthy backs 

Sundays 10:00 am to 11:00am

To book please contact Maria on 07971 050818 

The health of the spine is key to the health of the whole body.

The most effective way to maintain the health of the back and spine is to achieve a healthy and balanced movement pattern. This can be achieved via a yoga practice that includes postures that stretch, rotate, extend, side bend and strengthen the spine and its surrounding muscles and connective tissue.

£8 a session or 4 sessions for £24


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