Inner Dance Meditation with Kerrie

Saturday – 21st July – 6.30pm – 8pm


I am excited to share my Inner dance with you after experiencing Inner dance I got hooked on it and  I am keen to share my experience with you!

Inner Dance is a meditation not a dance where you are lying on the floor in our peaceful studio with mats, eye, masks, blankets and tealights.  Music is played whilst you are firstly guided then you go off on your own personal journey as the music guides you on a journey of feelings and emotions.  Reiki, massage and essential oils are used to help enhance these feelings.  Very healing, calming and soothing and very powerful too!

Tea and coffee after too if you would like to stay



Yin Yoga (2 hour workshops)

Deeply relaxing, meditative yoga based on Chinese medicine that stimulates the flow of energy in the body. It can help maintain flexibility of the joints and deep connective tissues, and promotes well being. Postures are supported and held for longer periods of time. A little previous yoga experience would be ideal, but not essential depending on the individual.

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Yoga Nidra (1.5 hour classes)

“Yogic Sleep’ A long restful relaxation session that uses guided imagery. A few very gentle stretches are included which are either seated or lying down, and essential oils are used to enhance the very peaceful, blissful experience. A hot drink and sweet treat are served at the end.

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Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Self Care Level 1 with Jacqueline Bestwick from Jacks Feet

Friday 19th October – 9am – 5pm, Saturday 20th October – 9am – 5pm, Sunday 21st October – 10am – 2pm

Tuition is £282 + (Registration $98.00 (non refundable))

Early bird fee £255.00 GBP + $98.00 USD, Early Bird Expires …….

Early Bird Offer
If you pay in full before …… tuition will cost £255.00 only if you pay after………. tuition will cost £282.00

A full two and a half day course, that addresses common health ailments the course is for women; men who want to learn to care for your self using this profound work. It is open to the general public and no Previous Training is necessary.

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) is an ancient healing therapy which use a non-invasive, external massage to improve the flow of blood, lymph and nerves throughout the body. The technique stimulates internal abdominal and pelvic organs into optimal function, relieving a variety of symptoms.

What conditions can ATMAT help?

Fibroids, fertility challenges, low back pain, endometriosis, painful and irregular periods, incontinence or sexual difficulties are some of the conditions we work with.

Digestive complaints such as IBS, indigestion or constipation may also be relieved with this therapy.
Why should I attend this workshop?

This weekend course is for those who are searching for a way to find balance – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will cover the anatomy and physiology of normal pelvic organs & structures. You will learn the Self Care abdominal massage and a holistic approach to health and wellness. Nutrition, meditation and herbal information will be included.

You will be encouraged and have the opportunity to strengthen your connection with intuition, inspiration and creativity. For both men and women we will develop a new understanding of our bodies and everything this can bring to us. The weekend is a nurturing opportunity for all who attend expect laughter, tears and plenty of chat. Self Care Training – Level One

This informal class is designed to be informative and fun. The course is open to all men & women who want to learn to care for your self with this profound work.

Completion of this course will qualify you to perform the abdominal massage only on yourself.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified practitioner of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® this workshop is a pre-requisite to Professional Care Training – Level 2 Your first step towards the 3 levels of professional training.
Accredited with 12 hours CPD by 
the FHT

Jacqueline Beswick is a certified practitioner and teacher of ATMAT self care. She has worked closely with Dr Arvigo who is responsible for bringing this training to Europe and all around the world.

Register on-line by paying $98.00 directly to the Arvigo Institute, a non refundable deposit via using a credit card. This covers the class registration & a tithe to support the Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation and the Traditional Healers of Belize.

The balance is to be paid directly to Jacqueline Beswick in UK pounds by October 5th 2018.

Jacqueline will contact you once you have paid your registration with payment details. Class fee includes your Self Care Massage training, an instruction manual for you to keep; and a 30-minute educational session with an Arvigo practitioner.

Jacqueline will get in touch once you have registered with instruction and bank details for completing payment. There are nearby shops within walking distance for lunch.

Additional class information

Your Self Care class listing will include “Class fee includes detailed instruction manual. Healthy snacks and drinks provided throughout the day. Car Parking is free

Contact Jacqueline Beswick on http://07973 614 555 or email

Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Sharon Price

13th October

10am – 12.30pm


What is Jivamukti Yoga?

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. The Jivamukti method is grounded in the original meaning of the Sanskrit word asana as “seat or connection” or relationship to the Earth. Earth in this sense implies all of life. Citing Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, which states that asana should be sthira and sukham, Jivamukti Yoga maintains that one’s relationship to others (asana) should be mutually beneficial and come from a consistent (sthira) place of joy and happiness (sukham).

This open workshop will offer a dynamic and vigorous yoga asana with meditation, yoga philosophy, compassionate living, and great music! It will integrate all the components of classical yoga in a challenging, fun, uplifting practice.

The workshop incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:

  • shastra (scripture)
  • bhakti (devotion)
  • ahimsa (kindness)
  • nada (music)
  • dhyana (meditation)

The physical practice is dynamic, flowing and challenging. The workshop is open to all who have some experience of vinyasa style classes and are in good health.

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