To begin your massage the client is lying down, covered by a towel or sheet, while I apply smooth, rhythmic strokes over their skin, usually with the use of pre blended aromatherapy oils or plain oils can be used for allergies and if prefered.

I am trained to use a variety of different techniques, and tend to develop my own individual approach to make sure each massage is tailor made to each clients requirements. I work with you on the pressure of the massage so we are both happy and comfortable with this, I can be very gentle if needed or more often quite firm and strong using deep movements to break down any knots or tension.

Your first massage?

Here are some tips to help your treatment proceed more smoothly: Firsty, depending on the reason for your booking, i.e. whether you have a specific problem or condition or you are simply seeking a relaxing massage, to begin I take a detailed health history from you. So think about any accidents or illnesses you’ve had which might be a factor in your problem. Any surgery you may have had even if it was long ago, and also what medication you may be taking can also be important. For your 1st massage this can take an additional 15 – 30 minutes in addition to your allocated treatment time but this is only done on your 1st appointment.

It’s not advisable to have a massage if you are intending to participate in any strenuous sporting event within 24 hours. It is also inadvisable to eat a full meal less than one hour before a massage.

You will be asked to undress while I leave the treatment room. Of course, you need only remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with, Careful draping with a towel or sheet is done to ensure that your privacy is respected at all times.

You will be asked to lie on a padded electric couch during your treatment. Clients who find it difficult to assume a prone position will be assisted or the treatment will be modified so that it can be carried out in a sitting or standing position if necessary.

The lighting is dimmed, the heated blanket is on and music is played during your session but you should not be shy about asking for these things to be adapted to your tastes as not everyone (men especially!) always like the couch too warm

During the treatment itself you should always let me know if you are uncomfortable for any reason. I will stop and make appropriate adjustments. It’s your session and you are in control.

I hope that clarifies things a little and look forward to meeting you soon for lots of pampering, tranquility and to escape the world, just for a little while……..