1. Moballise is a brand new, easy-to-use approach designed to assist you in reducing the avoidable painful symptoms associated with daily activities.

Use the Moballise approach to successfully recover from injury, back pain and neck pain. Then use it regularly to stay pain free!!

Every day, with every movement you make, your body gradually tightens up, affecting movement ability and overall quality of life. If you are repeating movements regularly every day, or many times during a day, the tightening up process can be even more dramatic.

The gradual loss of this movement ability can make you more susceptible to injury and will certainly be exacerbated by injuries from sports or accidents. Moballise will take you through recovery from pain and into your ongoing rehabilitation.

Many of the painful symptoms that you experience are easily resolved by following the fundamentals of bodily maintenance and maintain normal movement.

Kristian will show you how to self-assess and self-treat your body within normal daily activities to enable you to maintain your movement ability and function to improve your quality of life without taking time out of your day.

Kristian offers a free fifteen minute initial consultation where you can meet, discuss your goals and ask any questions you may have.

£40 a session