Class Timetable


9.30am – 10.30am

Vinyasa Yoga with Thea (all Levels)

Starting 2nd July


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10.45am -12.15am

Vinyasa Yoga with Thea Teacher class

1st Monday of the month starting 2nd July


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7.45pm – 9pm

Goddess Gathering womens group with Anne

£7 a class to include refreshments

bi weekly

Contact Anne to book on

07904 730504



2pm – 3pm

Vinyasa Yoga with Thea (all levels)


Starting 3rd July

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6.15pm – 7.15pm 

Mindful yoga with Lynda

£6 a class or block book 4 classes for £22

Call Lynda for further details on class content on 07763 778339 or Book Here


7.30pm – 8.45pm

Dru Yoga with Susan

£7.50 a class or £6.50 a class block book

Call Susan for further information 07425 161346

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2pm – 3pm

Relaxation and Meditation classes with Vi

£5 a class

Book online here

Contact Vi on 07554 422921


5.45pm – 6.45pm

Relaxation and Meditation classes with Vi


Book online here

Contact Vi on 07554 422921

6pm – 730pm

Ashtanga yoga with Lottie


Contact Lottie on 07807 044317


6pm – 7pm

Vinyasa Yoga with Thea (progressive)


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7.15pm – 8.15pm

Hatha Yoga with Kirsty


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Fridays Monthly

7.30pm – 9pm Inner Dance Meditation with Kerrie – £10

8th June

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7pm 8.30pm Yoga Nidra with Lynda – £10

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Saturdays Monthly

10.30am – 12.30am Yin Yoga with Lynda – £10

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11am 1pm Soap and Bath Bomb making Classes with Kerrie – £21

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Studio available for workshops weekends, 8am – 9pm if no workshops are scheduled

Class Descriptions

Dru Yoga with Susan

Dru Yoga is a graceful and accessible form of yoga based on flowing movements, breathing and visualisation.  Working on the body, mind and spirit.  Helping to improve flexibility, core stability and creating feelings of positivity.  The class finishes with 15 minutes deep relaxation

Mindful Yoga with Lynda

A gentle yoga class incorporating a mindful focus on the present moment, the breath, the body and the mind. It will help to stretch and relax the body, clear and calm the mind, and encourage acceptance. There will be a mindful meditation or relaxation to end the practice. This class is suitable for all and no experience is needed.


Vinyasa Yoga with Thea


An introduction to the foundational poses of vinyasa. Here we will build into matching breath techniques, aiming to move into a flow-state. All are welcome to come and practice.


A more dynamic practice focusing on combining breath to a continuous cycle of embodied flow. This class is designed to challenge those seeking to build onto basics and into movement meditation.


A monthly immersion for teachers to come and recharge themselves. Whether its time to reconnect to your own practice, to meet your yogi community or have plenty of upside down play. T2T is aimed at establishing a fun class with plenty of challenge and maybe a coffee or two.

Hatha Yoga with Kirsty

Kirsty teaches Hatha yoga which connects the breath with movement to bring peace to the mind and body. With a passion to make yoga accessible for every body, Kirsty ‘teaches people, not postures’ and so welcomes all abilities to her class.

Goddess Group Circle with Anne

Anne Bird, Women’s Life Coach, will be sharing all about her new Goddess Gathering women’s group running on a Monday evening. A place where like minded women come together to connect with others, give and receive support on their life’s journey and feel truly valued.

Relaxation and Meditation classes with Vi

Discover stillness and tranquility with a meditation and relaxation session at Tranquility. The session will be in the beautiful and peaceful studio and will include breathing, body scanning and relaxation. Mats, chairs, cushions and blankets are available to use during the session. Tea and coffee are provided at the start.



Inner Dance Meditation with Kerrie

I am excited to share my Inner dance with you after experiencing Inner dance I got hooked on it and now I am trained I am keen to share my experience with you!

Inner Dance is a meditation not a dance where you are lying on the floor in our peaceful studio with mats, eye, masks, blankets and tea lights.  Music is played whilst you are firstly guided then you go off on your own personal journey as the music guides you on a journey of feelings and emotions with healing and essential oils too .  Very healing, calming, soothing and very powerful too!

Yin Yoga (2 hour workshops)

Deeply relaxing, meditative yoga based on Chinese medicine that stimulates the flow of energy in the body. It can help maintain flexibility of the joints and deep connective tissues, and promotes well being. Postures are supported and held for longer periods of time. A little previous yoga experience would be ideal, but not essential depending on the individual.

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Yoga Nidra (1.5 hour classes)

“Yogic Sleep’ A long restful relaxation session that uses guided imagery. A few very gentle stretches are included which are either seated or lying down, and essential oils are used to enhance the very peaceful, blissful experience. A hot drink and sweet treat are served at the end.

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Saturday Mindfulness and Colour Therapy Retreat.

Saturday 9th June

2pm – 6pm

Learn how colour affects your wellbeing and what your clothes say about you.

Gain new friends and colour styling tips from Rachel Jackson Mindfulness Instructor, Life Coach, Art and Colour Therapist and experienced Fashion writer.

Meditate mindfully as you toast yourself new found confidence over a glass of prosecco or non alcoholic bubbles and relax further at home with your free complimentary CD of meditations undertaken in the day.


Please bring a long an item of clothing you no longer love or an accessory such as a scarf, hat or bracelet to share amongst the group and be sure to wear your best colours and most favourite outfit for your pre-Saturday evening party.

For more information and to book a place Email   077363 30524 0115 9985218  

http://077363 30524 0115 9985218


 Confidence Building and Self Appreciation Creative Mindfulness Retreat

Saturday 16th June

9.30am – 5pm

Do you sell yourself short or put yourself down unnecessarily?

Increase self-love, self appreciation and boost your confidence with Rachel Jackson Mindfulness Instructor, Life Coach, Art and Colour Therapist.

Embrace your inner child and attend an enjoyable art class suitable for all abilities. Produce art work using glitter and paint and create yourself a Mindful Thought box to remind you of just how awesome you really are.

We all need a bit of pampering sometimes. This day will give you all a much needed hug, giggle and a lot of stress relief in a relaxed and fun setting.

All materials will be provided and a complimentary CD of Meditations undertaken in the session. Please bring a packed lunch.

Price for full day retreat £25.00

For more information and to book a place Email 077363 30524 0115 9985218

http://077363 30524 0115 9985218