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I truly believe that yoga and meditation should be prescribed on the NHS!  It is so fantastic for your mental, emotional & physical well-being.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation & Relaxation | A gentle evening of Yoga Nidra Meditation and Relaxation with Kerrie.  Calming Essential oils are used to help relax in this lovely relaxing class.  No experience is needed. Just come along and snuggle up in our cosy blankets and relax in our cosy studio.  Lying down while I take you on a journey of relaxation.  Great for helping you sleep. We finish with a hot drink and tasty treat at the end to chill you out and help you have a restful sleep.  Starting January 2024

Inner Dance Meditation | This will give you the chance to drift off on your own personal journey, music is used to bring out feelings and emotions and let go of all the stuff we keep inside and drift off….  Starting January 2024

Restorative Yoga | A very gentle floor based yoga class. All postures are done on the floor with assistance of cushions , blocks etc which will be placed for you to ensure a deeply relaxing class. Great to help with stress and anxiety and for relaxation. This class also includes a 15 minute relaxation at the end! No Yoga experience is needed. Great for beginners or people wanting to slow down. Blocks, bolsters, cushions etc used to support you and help you to relax into the poses and release tension held in the mind and body through deep passive stretching

Yin Yoga | A great class for slowing down.  Great for people who play a lot of sport too as this class incorporates long deep active stretching to really allow the muscles to relax. No yoga experience is required. This class incorporates a 15 minute relaxation at the end of the class too!

Yin Yoga with Kerrie

Classes coming January 2024! 

A slow-paced style of yoga; postures are held for longer periods of time than in other yoga classes.  Pain-relieving, melts away stress and tension.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation with Kerrie

Classes coming January 2024! 

An hour deep relaxation as you lie or sit. Floor-based, deeply relaxing, great for stress, anxiety and depression and for helping sleep.

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Restorative Yoga with Kerrie

Classes coming January 2024! 

A gentle yoga class. Very slow and relaxing holding postures and relaxing in to them to allow lots of relaxation and stretching the body.

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“I absolutely loved the virtual yoga nidra session with Kerrie – absolute bliss! Super relaxing & calming after a busy day; perfect end to the day in the comfort of my own home. Highly recommend. Thank you!”


“I’ve never tried yoga before so decided to join the taster sessions. The venue is beautiful, relaxing and has a really chilled, welcoming vibe. …I really enjoyed the evening and felt stretched, relaxed and that I had had time out for myself! I will definitely be going again!”