Fresh Handmade Pure Natural Products

Fresh handmade, natural aromatherapy products.  Made from the finest, purest, organic ingredients possible, with no sis, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils or nasties!  Just pure, natural products made with love!

Kerries Natural Hand made Lip Balm     £3.00
100% natural.
Made from Beeswax honey and natural oils.
Full of healing, soothing and moistureizing oils and butters, that actually add moisture to the lips.
Various aromatherapy flavours.

Kerris Natural Deodorant     £3.00

Sage and thyme deodarant that allows your body to sweat still but prevents the smell due to deodorising essential oils, very gentle on the skin too.

Weleda products

Weleda Iris Cleanser.                  £7.95
Weleda Iris Toner.                      £7.95
Weleda Iris Day Moisturiser.        £8.95
Weleda Iris Night Cream.            £
Weleda Iris Gel Face Mask.          £8.95   30ml
Weleda Iris Cream Face Mask.     £9.95


Raw Organic Oils and Natural Body Products.

Quality Organic aromatherapy toiletries with organic ingredients.

These products do NOT contain (Parabans, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Harsh Synthetic Ingredients, Synthetic Fragrances, Colourants, Formaldehyde, Urea,GM Modified Materials).

Sandalwood + Frankincense Hand Cream.                  £3.10
Sandalwood + Frankincense Hand + Body Lotion.       £6.50
Sandalwood + Frankincense BodyWash.                    £6.50
Sandalwood + Frankincense Hand Wash.                   £5.50
Sandalwood + Frankincense Shampoo.                      £6.50

Ylang Ylang and Neroil Massage Oil.                          £8.50
Sandalwood and Frankincense Massage Oil.               £8.50
Baby Oil with Chamomile Massage Oil.                      £8.50
Apricot and Rosehip Massage Oil.                              £8.50
Spearmint and Eucalyptus Massage Oil.                     £8.50

Facial Cleansing Wipes.                                            £3.00

Sandlewood + Frankincense Cleansing Balm.             £5.50

Pinks Organic Skincare.

100%Natural, Organic Products, Exotic Essential Oils in these amazing chemical free products.

Ocha Facial Trial Set.                              £25.00
Lemongrass Facial Trial Set.                    £25.00

Ocha Cleanser.                                        £18.00
Ocha Moisturiser.                                    £26.00
Ocha Toner.                                            £16.50
Pink Clay and Rosehip Face Mask.            £36.50
Anti Age Serum.                                     £37.50

Lemongrass + Mandarin Cleanser.            £18.50
Lemongrass + Mandarin Moisturiser.        £26.50
Lemongrass + Mandarin Toner.                £16.50
Green Clay Face and Camellia Mask.          £34.50

Rose Deep Cleansing Melt.                      £31.00
Rose Face Balm.                                    £30.00
Rose Face Scrub.                                   £30.50

Bamboo and Oatmeal Polish/Exfoliator.   £26.50

Deep Cleansing Melt.                             £31.00
Night Balm.                                          £32.50

10% discount on Pinks products with every facial.

Candles – £3.00

Natural Hair Removal Kit – £5.00

Insence – £2.50

Spa Ritual Natural Nail Products from £2.50

Spa Ritual natural, preservative free, nail varnish.     £8.00
Top/Base Coat                                                          £6.00

Candles – £3


20 hour Aromatherapy plant wax Candles in pots – Natural candles made with plant wax and aromatherapy oils and without carcinogens!!  Burn for 20 hours 


Soy wax aromatherapy candles in pots with lids

Natural Hair Removing Kit – £5

Gently slough away the hairs on your legs in a natural painless way!

Insence – £2.50

Lovely selection of incense to scent your room and help with relaxation and meditation


Spa Ritual Natural Nail Products from £2.54


Spa Ritual natural, paraban, preservative free nail varnish


Nail Varnish  £8


Top / Base Coat  £6

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